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People's Advocacy A Better Nigeria Is Possible Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy! Allow The Pride
Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy! One love binds us
Things You Can Do Right Now


Every year we organize dozens of parades, peaceful protests, parties, workshops, lectures and art exhibitions to share our vision of the human rights problems with the world. Our organization was founded exclusively by volunteers and people who can not stay indifferent to the injustice and discrimination which exist in the society.

We Must Speak to Be Heard

Social Awareness

Every summer people of every gender, religion and color gather on the streets for a celebration of love, equality, humanity and joy.

this year ONE LOVE FOUNDATION Parade

Upcoming Events

09 August 22

LGBT History Month

If you want to know more about the history of our community this event is highly recommended.
06 August 22

Stop the Bullying Meeting

A great opportunity to discuss your problems in a friendly and caring company. Bring a friend!
07 August 22

Veterans Day Parade

We want all veterans to feel accepted in society. Come to support the parade and become a member of our movement.
09 August 22

Garden Pride Fest Party

Garden Pride Fest Party is a great international event to take part in. New speakers and urgent themes. Are you with us?

Why It Is Important

We should be allowed to be who we really are. We must stop the obvious oppression to reach a common understanding. People need to tolerate different cultures and backgrounds!

Paul Bridges

Chrisitina's Friend

Nationality can’t be banned! That’s why people are free to be who they are and not be punished or criticized for it! I was born in Africa and I am proud of my origin and my culture!

Jenna Henry

Christina's Mom

Love has neither color nor orientation. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved. People are equal no matter what the color of your skin is or what gender you are.

Lola Jameson

Christina's Sister